3 Times You Need A Tree Trimming Service To Work On Your Trees

Posted on: 17 August 2023

Trimming trees is often a dangerous and difficult job for you as a homeowner. You may need to work high off of the ground and use a saw to cut up big branches. Call a tree trimming service to keep your trees in good shape instead. 

They can trim back smaller branches every year or so or do more aggressive trimming so trees stay away from your roof permanently. Professional trimmers know how much of the tree can be cut down without causing the tree stress or harm. Here are three important times to call a tree trimming service for help.

1. After Strong Winds Snap Branches

A storm can do random damage to your trees. Wind can snap branches, and that causes the branches to wither and die. It's best to have these damaged branches trimmed away properly since shredded bark exposes your tree to infections and insects. These problems could start with the damaged branches and spread throughout the tree if the broken branches aren't cut away by trimming them properly.

Even if branches don't look broken, it's a good idea to have them trimmed off when you see leaves dying while the rest of the leaves on the tree are still green and healthy. This prevents the spread of problems that could harm your tree.

2. When Branches Get Close To A Power Line

It's best to trim back branches before they grow into power lines. Trimming branches when they're far from the line is safer and can be done without having to involve the power company. Once branches are tangled in the power line, the power company needs to disconnect your power so it's safe for the tree trimming service to work.

A tree trimming company can trim trees around the service line that goes from the pole to your house. The high power lines that run along your easement are a different situation. You probably won't be allowed to trim trees there, especially if they're touching the lines. Instead, call the power company and report the trees so they can trim them.

3. When Branches Block Your View

Mature trees are beautiful, but wild branches can be annoying. When a tree trimming service removes low branches, you can see the street better from your windows. Branches that block your view can be a home security issue. Plus, low branches might block your view as you pull out of your driveway.

They could even poke somebody when they're walking on your sidewalk or property, and you might be liable for their medical care if they get hurt. It's better to have low branches trimmed away so the trees are out of your line of vision and higher than people walking in your yard.

Contact a local tree trimming service to learn more.


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