• Four Reasons Why Your New Sod Lawn Is Struggling

    New sod is one of the best aspects of a landscape—an instant, beautifully green lawn. However, some homeowners are dismayed to discover that after only a few short weeks, all that was emerald is now turning brown. Often, a new lawn struggles because of improper care or preparation. Here are four reasons why your new grass might be fighting for its life.  1. You didn't prep the site before you laid your sod.
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  • Cleaning And Maintaining Your Marble Patio

    From brick or stone to mulch or pea gravel, choosing a material for your patio floor can be overwhelming. However, the addition of this outdoor space is a smart investment for your family's function, home value, and overall appeal, so placing emphasis on the patio material and design is smart. While each material option offers its own benefits, marble is a unique selection that is becoming more and more popular for outdoor patio floors.
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