3 Reasons To Install Artificial Grass On Your School's Sports Fields

Posted on: 21 April 2023

While natural grass has its advantages, it isn't always the best solution for school sports fields. If your grass isn't in good shape, then you can replace it with artificial grass. When is this a good idea?

1. You Want to Reduce Sports Injuries

If natural grass is in perfect shape, then it gives your students a soft and safe surface to play on. However, natural grass is hard to maintain.

Grass will naturally become boggy and waterlogged when it rains a lot. You might lose some coverage in hotter months, leaving you with bare patches of earth on your fields.

Your students might have more sports accidents if they play on natural grass. Wet and boggy grass can make people slip and fall. Even a minor fall on a bare and hard piece of ground can leave a student with a concussion if they hit their head when they fall.

If you switch to using artificial grass, then these incidents should reduce. This turf doesn't react to weather conditions in the same ways as natural turf. It won't get boggy and muddy and it keeps its coverage in even the hottest months.

2. You Want to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Your school might have a high field maintenance budget at the moment. You have to pay for someone to mow your grass, keep it in good shape, and water it. You'll have to buy and apply fertilizers and pesticides on a regular basis.

The costs of watering can be a particular problem, especially if you have multiple sports fields on your site. Your utility costs will be high in the summer when your grass needs to be watered more often.

Your maintenance costs reduce if you switch to using artificial grass. This turf needs less care. You simply have to clean debris off the surface and brush it periodically.

While you might need to water artificial grass to cool it down during a hot summer, your water usage costs will be a lot lower. This is an occasional job rather than a regular one. Your utility costs should be lower.

3. You Want to Use Your Fields More Often

If your school currently has natural grass on its sports fields, then you might not be able to play sports all year round. Your surfaces might not safe to play on in rainy months.

Artificial turf extends the time you can use your fields. While you still might need to be careful how you use them in freezing conditions, you'll typically get more use out of them. Your students will be able to enjoy playing sports through more of the year.

To find out more on artificial grass, contact a supplier near you.


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