Issues Caused By Poor Drainage In Your Yard

Posted on: 16 March 2023

It's important to have proper drainage in your yard. If you don't have the right drainage system, then you can end up facing a lot of problems in your yard, as well as with your house and any other structures. You can learn more about the problems you can end up with if your yard has improper drainage, so you see the importance of hiring a drainage contractor. Here's more on the subject of improper drainage: 

Large muddy puddles

When you have improper drainage in your yard, areas that are normally dirt can end up turning into big muddy puddles. This can cause problems with the puddles staying when the rest of the yard is dry, so you have to walk around the puddles. If you have to walk near them, you can end up with muddy shoes, and you can even end up slipping. 

Soggy areas in the grass

With improper drainage, you can also end up with soggy areas in the grass. This can be a problem when it comes to the health and well-being of the grass. The grass can end up being damaged and dying in those areas. Also, the areas where the water remains for a long time increase the chances of you having a mosquito infestation in your home. 

Areas with excessive grass growth

When there are drainage issues in the yard, you can also end up with some areas of the yard where the grass grows faster, thicker, and even greener than the rest of the grass. It can be hard to keep up with those areas, so the grass throughout the yard can look uneven. 

The lower portion of the home can be stained

When there are drainage issues that cause water to pool against the home, it can leave the foundation and even the siding stained. 

The foundation can be damaged

Another major problem that can happen due to improper drainage is it can create major issues with the foundation of the home, as well as other buildings that are on a foundation. The damage that happens to the foundation can cause the home, or other structures, to shift, lean, or even sink. There can be cracks that show up on the interior walls and in a worst-case scenario, part of the home or structure can even collapse. This is a serious issue you want to do everything you can to avoid, including being proactive by having a drainage contractor ensure your yard has proper drainage. 


Now that you have learned about just some of the problems improper drainage can cause, you'll see why you should be working with a drainage contractor.


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