Three Ideas For An Outdoor Workspace

Posted on: 13 August 2021

If you run a company and you have the mindset that it's important for your employees to be able to step away from their desks and work in different areas, you'll want to develop a few different workspaces that people can use. While you might favor an indoor common area with comfortable seating for collaborative projects, don't forget to evaluate your outdoor space, too. Many companies set up outdoor workspaces for their employees to use when the weather is pleasant. There are several steps to completing an outdoor workspace, including hiring a commercial landscaping company to ensure that this area looks inviting. Here are some projects that the company can take on.

Shade Trees

You'll likely want a patio-style structure to use as your outdoor workspace, and it's important to think about what additions will make this space desirable. One good option is a few shade trees planted nearby, as they'll help to keep the patio cool during the hot days of summer. Without trees, some employees may be hesitant to use this outdoor workspace. Talk to your commercial landscaping service about what trees will not only provide lots of shade, but that will suit the overall look of your property.


A pond can be a good addition to your outdoor workspace because of the calm and pleasant vibe that water can create. Many commercial landscapers can design and install different types of ponds. You might want to keep things simple, with a pond that is situated at one end of the patio. Or, you might favor integrating the pond into the patio. For example, you might choose a patio that has two distinct sections and a pond that sits between them. The addition of a small bridge over the pond will allow your employees to easily walk from one section of the patio to the other.


You should also think about lighting for your outdoor workspace. Many commercial landscaping companies can install different light options, and the right lights can elevate the look of the space. Some people may favor low-profile lights that are built into the patio, while another option is to have lights installed in any gardens around the space that will cast a warm glow over the area. You might not need the lights on during the middle of the day, but if you have dedicated employees who will often work on projects into the evening, the right lighting will ensure that your outdoor workspace can accommodate them.

For more information, contact a local landscaping company, like K&K Landscape Service.


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