4 Questions to Help You Find Your Backyard Aesthetic

Posted on: 20 July 2021

What is your backyard's aesthetic? Many homeowners decorate their landscape according to their tastes, but they don't often use the overall aesthetic as a guide. Instead, they may focus on individual features or specific locations. How can you use these individual items to create an aesthetic that gives the look you want? Here are four key questions to answer.

1. What Natural Location Will You Emulate?

First, identify your aesthetic goal by identifying a single location that you want to evoke. This could be a real location, such as your favorite beach, or it could be abstract, like a rainforest. While it may feel limiting to identify only one physical location, you will still have plenty of inspiration to draw from. This exercise helps you find focus and define your aesthetic. 

2. How Does Each Element Add to the Aesthetic?

Consider each element in your current backyard. How does this item or plant add to the aesthetic you've chosen earlier? This can be the most difficult part of the process because it requires an honest assessment of these yard features. But if you can do so — and eliminate those items which don't contribute — your aesthetic will be much stronger. 

3. What Color Palette Should You Use?

Backyard color palettes are often chaotic and unplanned. While landscapes must bow to practical needs — like which flowers bloom in which soil — don't overlook the value of the right colors. If you want a Mediterranean garden, for instance, add lots of lush green shades with vibrant pops of color from exotic-looking flowers. A woodland forest, on the other hand, may feature darker backgrounds and neutral flowers.

4. What Design Tricks Can You Use?

Interior designers, artists, and landscape designers use the same set of design principles and tricks. For instance, a leading line is a term originally used in photography and painting. It is a line that leads the viewer's eye on a journey through the painting. You can use this same trick to lead backyard visitors' eyes to your focal point or to make the yard seem larger. Learn these and other tricks you might employ from a landscape design company.

Where to Start

Crafting a true landscape aesthetic can be challenging. If you're not sure where to start or you want to learn more about things like design tricks and color schemes, start by meeting with a landscape designer like Goodman's Lawn and Landscape today.


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