Commercial Snow And Ice Removal Plans For The Winter Season

Posted on: 20 November 2020

Freshly fallen snow may be appealing to look at, but if employees and patrons frequent snowy or icy surfaces, accidents can occur on your commercial property. Before the first snowstorm of the year, create a snow removal plan.

The Areas That Will Be Treated

Any common areas will need to have snow removed from them and salt treatments applied to icy patches. Include sidewalks, curbs, and all of the pavement that comprises the parking area. If you will be hiring a plow driver to aid with the snow removal, inquire about the services that they offer and the cost.

You may need to furnish the size of the property that is being treated and the amount of snow that falls and whether or not icy conditions are present may increase the amount of each treatment. Some plow drivers may focus predominantly on clearing snow and piling it up along the edge of a lot. If this is the only service that you acquire, you will need to complete the pouring of rock salt onto slick surfaces.

Purchase several bags of salt and a small shovel and store the items near the doorway to your business. On a night before inclement weather is due to arrive, use the shovel to transfer salt outdoors and dump the rock salt onto surfaces that will be exposed to the elements.

The Protection Of Foliage And Trees

If snow removal efforts will take place on some of the grassy surfaces that surround your business, use plastic sheeting or another type of insulating material to cover landscaping plants or small trees that will be exposed to cold weather. Choose a material that is a dark color so that the plants and trees can be seen during snow removal efforts.

For each snow removal procedure that is being conducted on your property, request that a specific part of the property is cleared first. Hang signs up in the lot to direct patrons to the areas where you would like them to park.

By having one distinct area cleared first, your employees and patrons will automatically know where it is safe to drive or walk. If the plow operator offers services after hours, request that they clear snow from your property at night to guarantee that your employees and patrons will be able to access the parking area when your business opens.

To minimize track marks on your property, which could affect your landscaping efforts and be noticeable in the spring, reserve shovels for grassy surfaces and have all of the plowing performed solely on paved surfaces.

Contact a commercial snow removal company to learn more.


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