3 Main Benefits Of Soil Stabilization Using Lime

Posted on: 19 October 2020

If you are planning to venture into an agricultural or construction project, you should think about the right soil type and texture for your plants. Different parts of the country have different soil types, and if you are in an area with a limiting soil type, you might think farming will be completely futile.

However, it is possible to stabilize any soil type you have and make it an impermeable medium. When your soil medium can retain water, you can use it for farming, landscaping, and other purposes. The soil also becomes compatible, making the land suitable for the construction of buildings, railways, and other structures. Here are the three major benefits of lime stabilization.

It Helps You Save Money

Suppose you are carrying out a construction project. In that case, the only other solution that you have to reaching soil stability is digging up the topsoil layers and laying your foundation on the deeper and more stable soils. This dig and dump method will require you to buy or rent excavators and earthmovers. It will also need a lot of your time.

Using lime to stabilize the soil's top layers is a more sensible method because you spend less money and time, and the results are permanent. 

You Get Stronger Structures

One of the main reasons why building foundations settle is weak soil structure. If your house is built on sandy soil, the foundation is likely to settle when the water moves through the soul, and it shrinks. On the other hand, clay soils will retain too much water, and when it leaches upwards, it can ruin your house. 

Stabilizing the soil with lime helps it achieve the perfect strength to support the foundation type you want for the structure. It also means that your foundation will remain strong in the long run, regardless of the changes in soil moisture and general weather conditions.

It Makes Winter Working Possible

Unstable soils are very difficult to deal with in the winter. This is because the snow and moisture from it as it thaws can make it impossible for you to work on the soil. When you use lime to stabilize the soil, it becomes less volatile.

With stabilized soil, you can carry out your project regardless of the season and without the fear of harming the soil.

These are a few of the many benefits of soil stabilization using lime. It is crucial to get a competent supplier to help you with the best lime quality and the amount for your location. Contact a company like Kuesel Excavating Company Inc for more information. 


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