Use A Professional Landscaping Professional To Handle Your Lawn Care And Landscaping Service Needs

Posted on: 17 July 2020

You may have looked forward to the summer season, and surely your lawn looks lovely. Despite the hot summer sun and a combination of family foot traffic and kids playing on the lawn, your lawn still shows its beauty. So you still have a few months to go before late summer is upon you. You can still maintain your lawn's beauty and keep it looking fresh and green even if summer will soon be gone. A landscaping professional will provide this care for your lawn.

Preparing To Mow Lawns

Lawn care is not just about mowing the lawn. Before mowing, you should determine what type of lawn care you need to proceed with that's relative to your plant zone. Your state's plant zone dictates when the growing season is for lawns. The plant zone also includes information about associated landscaping and shrubbery. Your home's plant zone offers soil, watering, and lighting information for your geographic location. Note that sun rays are harsher during late summer, and the rays can negatively affect the health of your lawn and plants. Don't forget to examine bare spots on the lawn, which are often caused by bugs that hang around in late summer.

Bug Species Busy In Late Summer

Bugs such as mole crickets, ants, and chinch bugs love late summer heat. You'll know that they are around because bare brown spots, chewed blades of grass, and thinning out of grass will show up on your lawn. Removal of these pests requires treatment that a qualified landscaper will use to annihilate them.

Lawns Need Appropriate Nutrients

If your lawn really shows signs of distress, hire a landscaper to perform a soil test. It could be that the soil lacks proper nutrients. The lawn may need pH levels that promote healthy grass root development. Aerating the soil will also stimulate the lawn and bring more air into the soil.

How About Fertilization Issues?

Be aware that fertilizer for your late summer lawn care is a necessity and is different from the fertilizer you would normally use for fall or winter lawns. The maintenance of your lawn is best performed by a lawn care professional who will successfully handle the fertilization process.

Use Proper Blade Lawnmower

If you mow your own lawn, note that you shouldn't use a dull blade lawnmower. That will shred off the tops of the grass. Uneven mowing of grass results in too-short grass blades. This makes it more likely for the scorching sun to reach lawn roots. Ensure that the lawnmower you're using is adjusted for the correct height before mowing. You are better off hiring a professional landscaper who understands how to handle the equipment and will efficiently get the mowing done correctly.

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Constructing and Filling Raised Garden Beds

Hi there, I am Kirk Blathers. I would like to share my knowledge about raised garden beds, so I created this website. My raised garden beds house tons of bulbs that push up out of the ground as soon as the warm weather arrives. Alongside the beds, I have a few tubs full of fresh herbs and vegetables that climb the trellises. I would love to share the information I've gathered about created raised bed frames from scratch. Some people have used actual bed frames while others created the beds out of wood materials. I will also discuss soil, seed, and fertilizer selection for each bed size and type. I hope that the information I share will help you create a beautiful set of raised beds for your yard. Thanks.