Lawn Care Recommendations To Apply A Top Dressing Treatment

Posted on: 16 June 2020

Your landscaping and lawn create a beautiful outdoor space for you to enjoy from spring to late fall. But when the health of your lawn begins to suffer due to weeds, patchy areas, and bad soil, it can spoil even the most attractive lawns into a patchy and scraggly surface. Here are some recommendations for you to take care of your lawn and its appearance with a top dress treatment for a beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy all summer and into fall.

Recognize the Need For a Lawn Top-Dress

When your lawn has become patchy and contains a number of weeds that seem to take over the areas of the lawn, it might be time to top-dress your lawn to improve its appearance and health. Top-dressing is also a good idea if you notice the soil in some areas of your patchy lawn remains dry and hard or the water pools onto the soil and lawn for a long time after you water your lawn. 

Both of these conditions can arise because your lawn's soil is not the right balance and contains too much loam or clay and is not draining well. However, your lawn can also become uneven with some low spots in places that can make your lawn difficult to walk upon and keep trimmed evenly. But a top-dressing can correct these problems when you apply it properly.

Prepare and Apply Top-Dressing

After deciding your lawn needs a top-dressing to restore its surface, health, and appearance, you should mow it to clean up the surface length and prepare it for aeration. Aerating the soil removes plugs of soil or pokes holes into the soil that has become compacted, making it difficult for good drainage. 

Look for a bagged lawn dressing product at a local home improvement and garden shop, or you can mix your own. You will need a combination of peat, sand, and topsoil, which you can apply onto your lawn and its underlying soil to smooth bumps and holes and restore the soil to healthy layers. This application will also help a thick layer of thatch naturally decompose. 

The top-dressing should cover your lawn in a thick layer so that the tops of the lawn blades poke through the layer. Smooth and level the top-dressing and water it as you normally would your lawn. If you want to apply a layer of over-seed to fill in any bare patches on your lawn, do this now with a lawn seed to match and blend in well with your current lawn's growth.

For further information, reach out to a lawn care service near you.


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