Top Reasons To Hire A Turf Management Professional To Maintain Sport Fields

Posted on: 17 October 2019

Sports fields are typically expertly maintained and look perfect at any given time. This is typically due to the fact that sports fields are cared for by turf management professionals who understand how to keep both artificial turf and natural grass in excellent condition. If you own or manage any sports complexes, venues, or fields, you may want to seriously consider hiring a turf management professional or company to provide regular services. Turf management involves more than just landscaping — a turf manager has to have a deep understanding of caring for artificial turf and natural grass.

Fields Maintained to Best Standards

Keeping sports fields ready to be played on can be a complicated and time-consuming process. A turf management professional typically goes through extensive training and schooling; most have either a degree or certification in turf management. This means that a turf management professional has the skills and expertise needed to keep a sports field in optimal condition. If a sports field has natural grass, a turf management professional will understand what needs to be done year-round to keep the grass healthy and thriving. In the event that a sports field has artificial turf, a professional will recognize when areas need to be repaired and when the entire field needs to be replaced with new turf.

Ensure Safety

When it comes to sport fields, one of the most important things is ensuring that the field is safe to play on in order to prevent athletes from suffering any type of injury. A field that is not in good condition can become a hazard, and that puts athletes at risk of minor injuries, such as a sprained ankle, to more serious injuries, like torn knee ligaments. A turf management professional will regularly assess the condition of the field to ensure that it is in prime condition and safe to play on.


Working with one turf management professional or company will help make sure that your sport field is cared for and maintained in a consistent manner. A turf management professional will keep careful records of field maintenance and repairs made throughout the year. This helps ensure that the field is ready for scheduled games, and it will also make it easier to plan for maintenance or shutting down the field in-between seasons for overseeding of natural grass or replacing artificial turf. 

Hire a professional for your sports field turf management. 


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