Lawn Care Tips For Colder Seasons

Posted on: 28 November 2017

During the colder months of the year, most homeowners put aside their lawn mowers and get ready to relax for a few months before resuming with the lawn maintenance regime again. If you wish to see an attractive lush green yard roll out quickly once the spring rolls around, here are the necessary lawn care tips for colder seasons that you can implement even in the harshest cold weather:

Fertilize the grasses

Late fall or the early winter season is the right time to fertilize the cool season grasses like Bermuda and bluegrass. Before the first freeze, give a thorough fertilizer boost to your lawn to replace all the nutrients that the soil has lost during the summer months. During the colder months, the fertilizer will stay in the soil feeding the grasses over the full season. When the spring returns, you will find a lush, green lawn.

The right mowing strategy

Towards the close of the summer, lower the cutting base of your lawn mower to trim the grass shorter. If the lawn is too tall during the winter months, the field mice and burrowing animals wanting a warmer place to sleep will destroy a greater part of your lawn by building nests.

Keep the lawn clean

Over the cold season, make sure that you check for some items that could be left on the lawn like stray logs, toys, and lawn furniture. When you mow the lawn for the last time, clear the lawn of any objects you can find. If things are left on the grass, they will create dead spots, due to the weight of the object. During spring, the grass in these regions will be stunted and thinner than the rest of the yard.

Avoid too much lawn traffic

When the grass is short and brown, people often forget that they should not walk on it. It is advisable to prevent as much foot traffic on the lawn as possible, as the grass will have a tough time trying to recover when the path is worn across the lawn. Clear the ice and snow on the sidewalks so that you or your guests will not be compelled to cut across the yard often. Never allow any truck or car to park on your lawn. Even a small vehicle can leave impressions on the soil deep enough to kill the good grass and create room for weeds and crabgrass. If you have any more questions, or this article got you curious, contact your landscapers to create a custom lawn care plan for your property. 


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