6 Reasons For A Homeowner To Hire A Civil Engineer

Posted on: 13 July 2017

When people think about civil engineers, they often imagine professionals who work on large municipal and city projects. But in reality, there are a number of reasons for a homeowner to hire a civil engineer. Some of the most common residential projects that civil engineers are hired for include:

Renovations or New Home Construction

A civil engineer has the skills and experience to help a homeowner plan every detail of new home construction or a major home renovation. An engineer will consider things such as structural soundness and the best way to complete a project to ensure that it meets codes and is as sturdy and safe as possible.

Sewer or Septic Projects

Waste management is important for any residence. Whether you need to redesign your connection to a municipal sewer system or are overhauling and old septic system, it is in your best interest to hire a civil engineer to assist. There are a number of regulations when it comes to septic and sewer projects, and a civil engineer will understand the rules and design a plan that fully complies.

Landscaping Plans and Retaining Wall Construction

When a lot has a steep slope, measures need to be taken to prevent flooding and erosion. A civil engineer can help a homeowner assess their lot and construct one or more retaining walls to protect your land and your landscaping. In addition, a civil engineer can create landscaping plans that meet a homeowner's needs while also complying with any rules set forth by a homeowners association or the local government.


When a lot does not have adequate drainage, excess water can pose a threat to both the land and the home itself. No matter what the topography of your home's lot is, a civil engineer can either redesign or create a brand new drainage system that will ensure that rain and melting snow is properly diverted from your property.

Structural Assessments and Inspections

It is not uncommon for homes to need structural assessments or inspections, particularly if a home has been damaged or if there are suspected problems with the foundation, support beams, or the roof. A civil engineer will carefully inspect and assess the structural integrity of a home and then create a comprehensive report explaining the findings.

Zoning and Building Code Compliance

Whether you're building a house, constructing a room addition, or adding any other type of structure to your property, it is essential to follow zoning and building codes. Civil engineers are extremely familiar with local zoning and building codes, so they can help homeowners ensure that they are in compliance with all rules. 

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