Stumped By What To Do With Your Yard? Improve Green-Space With Stump Grinding

Posted on: 26 May 2017

If you have an old tree or leftover stump in your yard, imagine how your green-space would look without it. Removing a stump is no easy task, yet stump grinding opens-up your property and provides more landscaping options when it is taken out. Talk with professionals about stump grinding and reclaiming wasted space in your yard.

Some things to know about stump grinding

The process. There are a couple different approaches to getting rid of tree stumps, but stump grinding is a lasting, economical way. This technique involves grinding the stump, until it turns to mulch. Next, the earth below the stump is tilled a few inches-deep and left to rot, along with any remaining tree roots.  

The benefits. There are several benefits to stump grinding as opposed to other removal methods. First, grinding leaves no hole at the end of the stump; plus, grinding creates mulch, which can be used in landscaping and ground-cover. Perhaps the most compelling reason to grind tree stumps is the permanence; you won't have to worry about new growth or root systems in that location.

The labor. Grinding is hard work, and it requires specialized equipment. If you plan to do this yourself, don't forget you will also need a vehicle with a trailer hitch to tow the stump grinding apparatus, as it weighs around a half-ton.

The professionals. A practical approach to take when stump grinding is to hire professionals who know the tools and techniques to remove your stumps. The time it takes depends on the size of the stump and the root system involved, but it is typically much-faster to hire the experts.

The cost. Overall, it is more economical to grind stumps than it is to pay for tree stump removal, though the cost is usually based on stump size. When you consider the equipment and tools that are needed to grind your own stumps- from shovels to trailer- it may be most practical to hire a professional landscaping company that offers tree removal services. Make sure to indicate that you are interested in stump grinding, and that you have plans for your mulch.

Make stump grinding a priority this season and reclaim lost space previously occupied by unsightly trunks or dead stumps. Begin planning how you will edge, border, and utilize the mulch that you create by grinding your stumps. Talk with tree removal professionals about stump grinding and removing the burden once and for all!


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