Cracked Walls, Crooked Doors And Dysfunctional Windows: All Problems Caused By Settling Foundations

Posted on: 19 May 2017

Does it look like you are entering a fun house when you go through your front door? It is a problem that you may have gotten used to, but it can get worse as your foundation continues to settle. First, you will want to jack up your foundation, and then do the repairs to doors, windows, and walls. It is also important to correct the foundation problems that cause the settling. Here are some of the damage problems of settling foundations and how to repair them:

1. Cracks in Brick and Drywall Caused by Settling Foundation Footings

When the brick, siding, or stucco on the exterior of your home begins to show signs of cracking, this is usually due to the footings on exterior walls. In areas with soft soil conditions, footings in one area of your home can settle at a faster rate than other areas. The uneven settling causes cracks in the walls outside your home. To correct this problem, the foundation needs to be jacked up, and new support systems added using piers or soil grouting techniques. This process can also be used to correct problems with cracks in drywall, and the support beneath the damaged area. Tensioned concrete techniques may also be used on slab foundations to ensure the structure settles evenly in soils.

2. Interior and Exterior Doors Beginning to Get Out of Shape Due to Load Issues

Interior and exterior doors may begin to bend out of shape when there is a foundation problem. This can often be seen when the margin above the door is uneven. You may even notice that some doors become difficult to close where they contact the door frame. Usually, the door problem is due to the lack of support beneath the door, and to repair the problem, the floor can be jacked back up and support added with footings and floor jacks or concrete pier systems.

3. Early Signs of Settling Problems When Windows Become Difficult to Operate

Are there windows in your home that have become difficult to close, or need to be forced down to lock them? This type of window problem may be an early sign of a foundation settling; as the structure of your home settles, windows begin to become jarred out of square. You will need to have the foundation repaired, then adjust the windows. To adjust the windows, remove the interior trim and use a metal bar to pry them back into a square position. Test the windows to make sure they close easily and can be locked, and then, use a finish nail on each side of the window frame to fasten it in place.

These are some of the damage problems that can affect the foundation of your home. Contact a foundation repair contractor, like Elizalde Construction, to get help with the repairs needed to prevent future settling and costly repairs when your home starts sinking.  


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