Low Maintenance, High Impact -- 4 Easy Landscape Tips For Your Rental Complex

Posted on: 15 May 2017

Landscaping rental units is one of the many aspects of being a landlord that takes time and effort that's often sorely needed elsewhere. While it's important to keep things looking nice if you want to attract quality renters, you also don't want to invest too much of your limited resources in this one area. So, how can you find a good compromise between looks and practicality? Here are 4 ways to do so on any budget.

Use Hardscaping. The more non-organic features that you incorporate into the landscape design, the less you'll spend keeping up plants and trees.. Hardscape elements -- as opposed to landscape elements -- include walkways, patios, sidewalks, rock, and fire pits. You'll likely already have some hardscaping planned (such as pathways), but you can add to them with simple methods like widening walkways and adding common spaces for tenants. Allow sufficient hardscape paths and gathering areas so that tenants don't find themselves taking shortcuts across your delicate grass.  

Keep Lawns Wide. Whether you pay a landscape service or do your own mowing, the simpler and wider you keep the lawn, the easier it will be to mow. Avoid tight corners and narrow spaces where things must be mowed by hand. Make use of sweeping, gentle curves. And for weed control, be sure to use a simple border that's low to the ground so that mowers can go over the top.

Use Drip Irrigation. Save money and water by adding as much drip irrigation as possible. Drip irrigation systems use a hose on the ground to deliver water directly to needy plants at their base. The water delivery is focused and controlled, making it much more efficient while still keeping plants and bushes full and healthy. Drip systems, like full sprinkler systems, can be automated so that you have to spend little time overseeing their operation. Sprinkler companies, such as the one found at http://sprinklersdfw.com/, can be helpful in getting more information on drip irrigation installation.

Plant Perennials and Groundcovers. When choosing plants for your complex, try to avoid buying annual plants that die off every winter. Perennials look great and come back each spring on their own. Some excellent and hardy perennials include hosta, hibiscus, and Black-eyed Susans. Additionally, groundcovers provide an easy and lush look around high-traffic areas and in open planting beds. 

Whether you can apply just one of these ideas or all four, your apartment building will look better and be easier to keep in good shape--pleasing both tenants and their landlord for years to come. 


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