Choosing A Home Your Future Kids Will Love

Posted on: 30 March 2017

Looking at homes for sale is tricky enough when you need to consider the needs and wants of both yourself and your partner. Throw future children into the mix, and it becomes even more of a challenge to plan out a home that everyone will love. But there are certain home features that you can look for in homes for sale that your future kids are guaranteed to love. Here are some tips on home shopping with the goal of starting a family.

Consider the Relative Size of All Bedrooms

Some homes have a big master bedroom and very small additional bedrooms, while other houses are more evenly distributed in terms of space. The amount of space that you want to devote to your kids' bedrooms really depends on your personal preference, but also consider whether you might need to double up with multiple children in a single room. Also think about how much of your time you plan to spend in these rooms as opposed to the living room or kitchen. If you want to have a family where people gather around the kitchen table for hours or spend a lot of time together in the living room, then you might want to splurge in those areas instead and have smaller bedrooms altogether.

Consider a Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island where kids can sit and enjoy snacks or interact with the parent who is doing the cooking is a good way to foster a more connected family. And if you are worried about kids dragging crumbs throughout the house, an island will help you contain snack time and cleanup to a single area.

Have a Big Yard

Another thing to look at is the backyard space. Ideally, there will be a big, flat yard that's safe for children to play in. If it has a secure fence, that is a great touch, but you could also put one up yourself. Think about the potential to add soccer goals, a treehouse, or a swing set in the future. Just make sure that you also have a lawn care plan in place to make the backyard a safe and inviting play area that your kids will grow to love. Find a landscaping company online, such as this one at, to learn more about lawn care and landscaping for your yard.

Leave a Budget for Kid-Friendly Improvements

There are certain parts of your home that you can't really plan out until you know the personalities of your children. Maybe they love sports and would like to have a basketball hoop. Maybe they want a pool. Maybe your family would really enjoy a pinball machine. If you save some money in your home budget for making future improvements, that is a surefire way to make sure your kids love the home you live in.


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