Two Creative Retaining Wall Ideas That Add The WOW Factor To Your Backyard

Posted on: 2 March 2017

Retaining walls don't have to be boring. Turn that one in your yard into a creatively designed haven that adds that WOW factor to your personal space.  These two ideas can help you do just that.

Create a Custom Seating Area

Make the most of that retaining wall by making it into a comfortable seating area. If you're building one from scratch, use the same stones to build the wall and then a platform in front of it. You can add also a stone platform to an existing wall. Try to match or at least complement the existing stone.

Either way, add decorative seating cushions for comfort and as many throw pillows as you wish. Use material that is water resistant or that dries easily. To complete the look, build a "coffee table" to give you something to put those drinks on. Matching stone works well, with perhaps one large, flat slab for the top.

If you're lucky, you'll have the benefit of shade trees. If not, you can install a colorful shade sail to add both sun protection and a bit of pizzazz. Shade sails are similar to awnings. They are made of fabric and are attached to poles or other anchor points. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Add a Tiered Garden

Tiered retaining walls can help you create a garden fantasy. Unlike one solid wall keeping soil from eroding away, you have a step-like structure, with each step holding its own section of soil. Planting different flowers and shrubs on each level gives your garden a tiered effect. Use curbing stones to outline each step, providing a more finished look.

The larger your backyard, the more creative you can get with your design. For example, part of your garden could be tiers of flowers, while on another section you could use the steps to create a pond and waterfall. Reinforce the bottom retaining wall for the pond and then allow the water to cascade down the steps. For a more natural-looking waterfall, add additional stones to make the water flow at different angles. Plant shrubbery and flowers around the edges to give your yard that natural look.

To tie everything together, create a paved pathway leading from one tiered section to another. If you have the space, add a pergola, a free-standing awning of sorts, with a seating area or maybe a bench near the waterfall. The flowers and the water will attract birds and other animals so you might be in for quite a show.  

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