Investing In New Fencing? How To Stop Your Dogs From Escaping

Posted on: 6 September 2022

If you're ready to invest in new fencing, don't forget about your dogs. You might think that any type of fencing will keep your dogs in the yard. That's not the case though. Without the right planning, your dogs might be able to escape from the yard, even with fencing. If you're not sure how to escape-proof your new fencing, read the list provided below. Here are three ways to make your fencing harder for your dogs to escape from. 

Start With the Best Material

When it comes to keeping your dogs in the yard, you want to start with the right fencing material. If your dogs like to climb, there are a couple of things you want to avoid. First, you want to avoid using chain link fencing. All those individual links create the perfect steps for your dogs. They'll climb their way to the top without looking back. Also, you want to avoid installing crossbars on your fencing panels. Your dogs can use those for climbing, as well. If your dogs are climbers, the best fencing material to choose would be vinyl or wood panels.  

Choose the Right Height

If your dogs like to jump, you can't afford to choose a short fence. Without the right height, your dogs will have an easy time jumping the fence. For jumpers, your best bet is to max out the allowed height for your fence. If you're not sure what height is allowed in your community, stop by your local planning office. They can give you the specifications for residential fencing. If you want to increase the height, without getting into trouble with code enforcement, add a small ledge to the top of your fence. You can add planters along the top to act as a deterrent for your dogs. 

Make Digging Harder

If your dogs prefer to dig their way to freedom, now's the time to take a different approach. If your new fence stops at ground level, your dogs will have an easy time digging out. To stop that, talk to your fencing about going below the surface. Installing your new fence so that the bottom edge is below the surface will stop your dogs from digging out. This process will also stop other animals from digging into your yard, which helps when you have vegetable gardens. 

Don't let your dogs get away. Now that you're investing in a new fence, the tips provided here will help you keep your dogs in the yard.


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