Things To Consider Before Building A Garden Pond

Posted on: 12 May 2022

A garden pond can enhance the outdoor aesthetics of your property and it also provides an ideal spot to relax after work. However, before selecting a pond design and hiring pond installation services, there are various things you should consider.


A garden pond is an attractive feature that adds character to your property and should be placed near your home. Choose a location where you can watch the pond from your backyard. Additionally, you should consider other features in your landscape when positioning the pond. For instance, avoid building your garden pond under trees as this will demand you put in extra work on maintenance to clear fallen tree leaves now and then. Also, consider the composition of the soil and land terrain when selecting a location.


Before building a garden pond, consider the length of the garden pond. This will help you avoid building a small pond that will not meet your intentions. Usually, the length of a pond is influenced by factors like:

  •  The available space

  • The purpose of the pond

  • Aesthetic preferences 

Similarly, you need to consider the depth of your swimming pond. Shallow ponds are easy to build, but they are not favorable for stocking fish. Therefore, if you intend to rare fish, ensure you build a deep pond for adequate protection from predators and high temperatures.


As you choose a pond design, consider the decorations you prefer for your pond. You can settle for common options like decorative rocks, water fountains, and waterfalls. Consult professional landscaping services for the best decorations. The professionals know how to blend different decoration options, and they can create a visual design of how your pond will look before installation.

 Pond Design

The shape and design of your pond determine the outcome. Therefore, research the available pond designs and select one favorable for your home. There are three common types of pond designs to choose from:

  • The natural pond design

  •  Semi-natural pond design

  •  Formal poll design

Natural pond designs are simple to build and can be less expensive than semi-natural and formal pond designs.

State Regulations

Before building a pond, you should familiarize yourself with various garden pond laws. For example, pond laws demand that you build a safe pond to avoid accidents. Similarly, there are laws meant to protect pond animals from harm.

Choosing a favorable pond design, right location, and decoration before pond construction guarantees outstanding results. Other things you should consider before building a pond include the size of your pond and state regulations. 

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