3 Essential Components Of A Good Commercial Landscape

Posted on: 17 December 2019

When deciding on commercial landscape features, you need a combination of features that promote security while beautifying the area. There are three major components that are necessary for a good commercial landscape.


When choosing the materials for walkways on the property, you should consider which options are easy to maintain, especially in localities that may experience significant weather problems. Light-colored concrete is a popular choice because it provides adequate contrast against the surrounding grass, which can also allow light to reflect off the path at night. Walkways should also have a slight slope on the sides to promote drainage, which can minimize the amount of precipitation that remains on the walkway and could potentially freeze during the cooler months. Avoid materials that are difficult to walk on, such as gravel. Brick or stone must be adequately maintained to prevent cracks or the settling of these materials from making them uncomfortable or difficult to walk on, especially if someone is wearing heels.


Different types of plants can add character and visual appeal to the landscape, but you should be savvy about the types of plants you choose and the spacing of them. One concern with overdoing plants is they can become a safety concern, especially if people are entering or leaving the property when it is dark. Tall trees or dense shrubs should be spaced further apart so it is difficult for anyone to hide in them and people on the property continue to have a clear view of their surroundings.

Ideally, you will choose plants that stay green throughout all or most of the year, so there will be fewer bald spots in the landscape during certain times of the year. If you want to add flowers, pansies are a good choice since they can often be found blooming even in cold weather. Avoid trees that can become a nuisance when they reach maturity, such as those with acorns, pine cones, or anything else that will need regular cleanup or could potentially drop on someone's head. If these trees already exist on the property, try to trim them back so they do not cover walkways.


Lighting is important for security, but it can also improve the night aesthetic of the landscape. All paths should be well lit to make it easier for people to see where to walk. Lights that turn on automatically when it becomes dark will be helpful to keep the areas well-lit during overcast days or changes in the weather. Use tall, bright lights over parking lots and decks so people feel comfortable parking in these areas at night.

You can use different colors of light to create a mood. If there is a water fountain on the premises, consider using different colors of light or a color-changing light to illuminate the water. Using soft white light to illuminate trees and shrubs from underneath is another great idea for nighttime lighting that is adequate while not being overly harsh.

Before thinking about other aspects of a commercial landscape, you need to first focus on walkways, plants, and lighting. These three features will have the most influence on the safety and aesthetic of the area. Contact a company like Lawn Beautician for more help.


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